Get Involved. How to Start Rider Alert in Your Area.

Since our launch of the Rider Alert program here in Virginia, there has been an outpouring of interest from all over North America thanks to the significant news coverage our launch received.  In fact, the viral nature of the Internet has accelerated the program to the point that the Virginia Rider Alert Team is now talking to many agencies across the United States and Canada about developing their own programs under the Rider Alert banner. In May 2011, Rider Alert New York was launched.

The key to our program’s success rests in one key area – SPONSORSHIP!  There is no state or federal funding for the program in Virginia, and numerous organizations have provided generous support. As of July 2011, this has allowed 115,000 Rider Alert Cards to be placed for distribution at locations across Virginia and New York.

The Virginia Rider Alert Team is currently seeking further sponsors both locally and nationally to continue this safety crusade.  The key cost is the print production of cards, given the waterproof nature of the paper, and a run of 5,000 Cards costs $2,100.  (Note: The print cost becomes cheaper as volume increases.)

The Virginia Rider Alert Team is able to facilitate a print run for other organizations that wish to launch a Rider Alert program in their area, along with the addition of local sponsor logos along the bottom white strip and top right-hand corner of the cards.  See example below:

For local versions of the Rider Alert Card, the logos on the card can be changed out for new sponsor agencies.


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